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The vision of bringing joy to everyone he comes in contact with has always been alive in Mark Carter. This vision, coupled w/ his love of nature, brought about the birth of Taysha florist in 1987.  Starting off w/ very little capital and a hand sewn clown suit, he made his mark in Albany as the loveable and accessible "Flowerman."  Selling his signature single red roses at countless events in the NYS Capital region area was his forte.  Doing this allowed him to obtain a location on Henry Johnson Blvd.


A mentor for youth, an outlet for young men to get positive reinforcement and an opportunity to make a legitimate living for local residents, Taysha florist has become a staple in the community.  Mark is the epitome of RESILIENCE! He has had to overcome obstacles on every front but always found a way back to refocus and mobilize his dedication to his customers.  It has been over 35 years since the birth of Taysha Florist and Mark is embarking upon a new era of life with a renewed spirit and a heightened commitment to do what his team does best- using their gifts and talents to display the beauty nature has to offer for all to enjoy.

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